Speaking Words To Me.


May 4, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

When it could’ve just been an email.

Today’s theme is: fling.


Also, no one bring me any of that Zebra Cake ice cream.

I will eat it.

And then I will punch you.

I saw that someone is making Kraft macaroni and cheese ice cream as well.

My first instinct was horror.

Like why the fuck does that exist?!

But then curiosity showed up.

Why shouldn’t it be a thing?

I mean people eat savory things.

People eat sweet things.

Savory cupcakes exist.

And savory donuts.

Why not a savory ice cream?

Sure savory stuff is usually served hot/warm.

But even pizza is eaten cold.


I guess.

And turkey always tastes better the Friday morning after Thangsgiving.

Fresh out the fridge.

With some mayo.

On white bread.

So fucking good.

Anyway, after much consideration, mac-n-chee ice cream is valid.

I’m not gonna say it is good or bad.

Because I have zero interest in tasting it ever.

But I’m sure someone somewhere is into it.

Or else it never would’ve made it all the way from Brooklyn circa 2008 to your neighborhood Walmart today.

They also make a pizza flavored ice cream.

Cold pizza dude.

Fuckin weirdos.

I’ll take my sausage pizza served hot thanks.

But I’ll still eat the fuck outta some cold poultry.

I have been making it a point to keep a tub of cooked chicken in the fridge these days just for snacking.

Just sayin.

But tonight’s dinner will not be cold chicken.

Or not solely cold chicken.

I got a pot of beans and a butter pie calling my name.

Work is gonna be a blur of soccer podcasts and errands.

And then I get beans as a reward.

Tomorrow is crazy day.

See ya’ then.

More soon. ~SC

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