Letting Go Of Guilt.


June 14, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

And accepting Batman’s love.

Today’s theme is: trim.


To whoever my secret admirer is that sent me the friggin’ badass “Science Is Magic That Works” shirt, thank you so much.

I love it.

Yesterday I spent most of the day struggling to stay awake.

All that heat on Sunday wrecked my shit.

Despite my tiredness, I got a fuckload done.

I planned the rest of the photoshoots for the year.

I read a bunch of Braiding Sweetgrass.

I ran errands for clients.

I changed a bunch of camera batteries.

I adjusted A/Cs.

I delivered payments on invoices.

I dealt with insurance companies.

Ordered and picked up meds for a client’s pet.

I meal prepped for the rest of the week.

And I didn’t punch anyone in their stupid, fucking mouth.

It’s too fucking hot outside to deal with people.

Hence the island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Today is all about meetings.

And possibly meatballs.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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