What Do You Mean?


July 25, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

How do you get anything done if you aren’t constantly recalculating all the variables?

This was literally a conversation Jitterbug and I had about why I can’t listen to audiobooks while I’m working on anything that requires my undivided attention.

Driving is fine.

Walking or running is fine.

Laying tile?

No fucking way.

There are way too many variables that shift around constantly that I have to micromanage.

I mean sure, I could listen to Harry Potter or something else I’ve read a million times before.

Yeah, no problem.

I knew book, though?

No way.

Not when I’m trying to memorize the whole book.


You mean you don’t memorize every book you read?


How do you remember everything that happened in it for the rest of your life then?


You don’t.

Because that not what neurotypical people do when they read.

I see.


I spent Saturday tiling the laundry room floor.

Well some of it.

I’d say I’m a little over halfway done.

Between half and two-thirds.

Sixty percent done.

Sixty one point eight.

Then my guts were cramping from the hot farts.

I knew I shouldn’t have tried to take a nap.

Sunday I painted and installed the utility sink.

The theme of the day was: sensation.


There were a lot of them.

Today’s theme is: favor.


I had intended to use a party horn.

The paper kind that unroll.

But I couldn’t find our stash of them.

So I used one of the kazoos that was in a bag labeled “party favors”.

Don’t ask me.

But you should all get your party favors ready.

Because today is Teacher Sis’s birthday.

Be sure to wish her many happy returns.

I’m off to see a man about pain relief.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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