Ball Don’t Lie.


November 25, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

See? What’d I say? Ball don’t lie.


Remember me?

I’m still alive.

Since we last spoke I’ve been through the ringer.

Work and life got crazy.

I got really near the mental breakdown point.

I got put on a mood stabilizer.

Started drinking more coffee to stay awake through all the longs hours.

Started having panic attacks because of the stress.

Switched to decaf to attempt to quell the panic attacks.

Still had panic attacks, but new and improved with caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Started drinking regular coffee again.

I figure if I’m gonna have the damned things I may as well get to have my coffee as well.

Once I got out of October things calmed the fuck down considerably.

I’ve been able to rest, do some self-care, and relax a little.

I mean it’s the holidays, so “relax” is relative, but it isn’t nearly as stressful as October.

Things are still pretty bonkers and I’m not ready for daily posts again yet.

But I figured I’d check in with all you nerds and make sure you had a good Thanksgiving.

We did…


Today’s word is “wear”.

That’s us.

Wearing our shit-eating-grins.

Before it moved south and became our shit-stained-drawers.

Next year’s photo project is coming together nicely.

Expect an update on that really soon.

In the meantime…


Also, before I go, I’ve updated the Daily Photo gallery with all the fun stuff I’ve been doing since we last talked. Go check them out.

See ya’ soon.

More soon-ish. ~SC


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