In My Shoes

This is my first attempt at making a film. Watch and enjoy.


My short film about fire.

“At The Poultry Show”

To give you an idea of the horror.

“Egwasch Pusisliess On Judging A Mashed Potato Contest”

D’s a little camera shy.

2009- A Year In Retrospect (currently unavailable)

“The Arkansas in Colorado”

This is Pancake Land’s tribute to Zaxxon.

Sandwich Control’s Jump

I jumped.


I saw this today. It pleased me.

Wish You Were Here

Your daily moment of Zen.

Ramen and Gyoza

I did that. In my mouth.

Fish Aisle

Eye of the Tiger.

Instant Ramen


Pink Stuff

Country Roads.

Sleepy Boy

So very sleepy.


Welcome to Nerdsville kids.


Welcome to Tokyo. You’re probably going to die.

Red Taxi In Tokyo

Pretty self explanatory, really.

Little Miss Cotton

Just LMC doing what she does best.

Hermit Crab

I can make friends, too. Shy ones.

Moment of Zen: Round Two

This time I shot it from my hammock. On the beach. In the Virgin Islands.

Brotherly Love

A little bit of the cat love that goes on in my house everyday.

Build a Mountain

This is this first attempt to actually make a Dangerous Kitchen video. I am making a favorite dish from my childhood.


  1. Amy Jordan says:

    Hi Adam-

    Great piece!!! Really great… I have to ask— did you hold it all day?
    Loved the element of tension in what I know to be a normal day for you ( I recognize the floors, of course).
    What is he going to do next? What is he discussing with Peter?
    Congrats… you are a gem. A

  2. jean guyot says:

    Of course I watched it! Even dicussed it with Le Duke’s First Lady!
    The actors are extremely professional and the footage is perfect.
    By the way, we immensely enjoy the tunes that Le Duke brought over on your behalf when he last visited. I hope he transmitted our words of gratitude. Please do it again sometime instead of wasting your precious life on Chemistry.Many thanks again.

  3. mbl says:

    I had to watch it 4 times. You should put it on an endless loop.

  4. joycee says:

    in my shoes is my new way to lower my blood pressure, I feel better now!

  5. PropNinja says:

    Oh Japan. How I long to be in your arms…

  6. White Chocolate says:

    I wanna be in the VI right NOW! It’s fucking magical!!

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