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April 30, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

After inventing the Peanut Butter Cookie/Cup Sandwich, I have been striving to make something better. The Brownie Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich was delicious, but it was very rich and you had to eat it with a fork. No self-respecting sandwich is eaten with a fork. Plus, the name doesn’t really have a ring to it. My latest attempt is a White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich. It sucked. Maybe the cookie mix was old, maybe the peanut butter cup overpowered the cookies flavor wise, maybe I am futilely trying to recreate a moment of brilliance when I should be working on a salad sandwich. And once again the name sucked. Perhaps I should just work on variation of the PBC/CS. Like a Deluxe version with buttercream icing and sprinkles. Or the Chocolate Lover’s version wherein I dip it in chocolate and roll it in chocolate chips. Or hell let’s get country with it : breaded, deep-fried, powdered sugared, drizzled with chocolate syrup, on a stick. Or why fuck with perfection? I think the last one sounds the best to me. Next up: mmmmm…. It’ll be a surprise. ~SC


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