What's that Mickey? Yeah, I could go for tacos, too.


April 28, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Despite Dark Wombat’s naysaying, Taco Mayo is so delicious. Sometimes tacos just make everything better. Unfortunately for me, I am starting to develop a twelve taco a week habit, just to keep the stress wolves at bay. I have had Mexican food three out of the past four days. I wonder if I could be on A&E’s show Intervention. Maybe I could, if we all work together and make it look as though my taco eating is ruining my life and the lives of those around me. Yeah, this could work. I can see it now. Sandwich Control, once a forerunner in the competition for most brilliant sandwich inventor, now unshaven, soft around the midsection, grumpy, TACO ADDICT. My family and friends would all come together, read me their letters about how if I don’t get help today, they will never talk to me again. I’ll agree to go to rehab, be showered with tears and hugs, successfully get through sixty days at Golden Horizons Recovery Center, and then, sadly, relapse one month later. I would then be offered a job as Taco Bell’s new spokesperson, a job left vacant after the unfortunate choking death of that horrid little chihuahua. My life is awesome. ~SC


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