If only I could get to Buffalo.


July 13, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

There is a book artist near Buffalo who was giving away a guillotine paper cutter. It would have saved me the trouble of cutting all of that paper by hand. Paper which none of you saw because I left my camera on my desk and I was in Lippincottonia. So, take my word for it, I cut a lot of paper. It is the text paper for the little notebooks that will hopefully finance this website. You probably saw the giant stack of covers, well the text stack is a least triple that. For those of you who have not been told about this a hundred million times in real life, I am going to be making little notebooks to sell in order to pay for the domain name, the hosting of the site, custom CSS, and a space upgrade. All of which costs money. Money is something that I do not have very much of. So, you get a little notebook which you can draw unicorns and hearts with my name on and I pay for the website which is my creative vent so I do not kill anyone. Win-win situation. Also, I want to start making little buttons. An update about the pizza situation, the pizza was delicious. Was, meaning that it was all eaten. Well, it’s Monday again, which means that a new week of wondering how I am going to make it to the weekend has begun. This weekend is my ten year class reunion, so I am not really trying to get to the weekend this week. Not that I am going. There is a very remote chance that Sam the Shamrock will come down and together we will figure out how to record a podcast instead of going to the reunion. I have not actually talked to him on the phone, but I left him a message. We shall see. If we manage to record one, I might have to go ahead and get the space upgrade so that I can upload it here. Well, I am going to get this party started. More soon. ~SC


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