Just stick it in. or Thanks, Sis.


July 14, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

We have pretty strict seat belt laws in my state. And we have bumper stickers that try to encourage people to obey those seat belt laws. I saw one such sticker this morning. It read “Just stick it in. It’s the law.”. It’s too early for me to have to try and process how many ways that is just wrong. On different note, yesterday was a big day of receiving gifts from my sister for some reason. My sister helps me out a lot. She knows what it’s like to a broke twenty something struggling to get through college and she tries to make my life a little easier. For which I cannot show enough appreciation. So there have been a lot of things in the works and they all sort of happened yesterday. She has been on a week long adventure with her family to the Grand Canyon and she just got back a few days ago, so we got together for lunch yesterday so that she could tell me all about it. Begin shower of gifts. My sister is almost as big of a nerd as I am, so she had secretly collected (stole) some rocks for me from various parks that they stopped at and she gave those to me. At which point we discussed the possible mineral content of the rocks. I told you, we are nerds. She also presented me with some stamping polymers for stamping blank paper to make it ruled paper. She had found these on clearance somewhere, which is yet another thing that me and my sister share a passion for. Bargain hunting. Give us twenty bucks a piece and an afternoon in Target City and we will fill her car to the brim with stuff neither of us really need but just could not pass on because it was such a good deal. She has also been ordering random books off of my wishlist from Paperback Swap because she has a ton of credits. I received one of those as well. And my glasses that she ordered me from Zenni Optical came in. Presnents (intentionally misspelled) for me, wahoo! So, yeah, Monday turned out pretty well as far as gifts are concerned. I now have to go climb back into the skylight that I started drywalling yesterday and finish the job before it gets too terribly hot. I’ll try and get a photograph of my new glasses for today’s Daily Photograph. We shall see. Once again, thanks Sis. More soon. ~SC

P.S. The irony and general creepiness of both the title and the perpendicular content, is not lost on me. My apologies to anyone emotionally scarred by this post. It’s okay, you can always say that its your parents’ fault. My sister and I do, you can too.

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  1. TeacherSis says:

    Love you too!

    The next time we have a shopping day I want to hit the pawn shops in town!

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