Naked people are looking at me.


July 7, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I like to look at my stats sometimes. To see what people are looking at, what they clicking on, who’s referring to me, and just the overall traffic to the site. This morning I noticed that I had been referred to by another wordpress. So, I did what I normally do when I see a referrer that I don’t know, I clicked on it. It is apparently a web log about naturists. Naturists believe that “To be in our natural state, free from the restriction of clothes and at one with Nature is healthy for both our bodies and minds.”. What boggles my mind is how I got linked to from them. I am very confused. There is nothing that I can see on the site that has anything to do with me. The weirdest part it that the URL that is the referrer’s address is a post made over a year ago. Maybe they were logged in and were looking at their own archives and wordpress, which from time to time tells you about the newest posts, flashed my post up and they clicked on it. Elephino. Ah, I figured it out. WordPress automatically generates a list of similar posts and adds it to the bottom of the page of your post. WordPress just so happened to automatically generate one of my posts on a one of their posts from over a year ago. Wow! I guess it works based on the text. Whatever words you put into the body of the post are run through filters and autoredirect to other posts. Like GMail’s ad generator. The post they were connected to talked a lot about me updating and rearranging the gallery pages. Their page is a lot of gallery pages. Now that I have said that, you are all going to be hounding me for the URL. That is way too much thought for this early in the morning. Le Duke just informed me that the drywall lift has just arrived and I will soon be needed to hang drywall on the vaulted ceiling. Yeah! First naked people? Now hanging drywall? All before 8:00am? You shouldn’t have. You guys are the best. Well, I guess that means that I have to stop typing now. Okay, then. More soon. ~SC


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