Blind in one eye and can't see out of the other.


July 8, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday, after drywalling the ceiling, we proceeded to continue the slow process of cutting up a Bradford Pear tree that fell in the front yard here in Lippincottonia. The process is taking a while because A) it is July and it is hot, B) Bradford Pears are pretty gnarly, and C) the chainsaw we are using weighs about twenty pounds. For these reasons, we saw a little bit each day until we get it done. Yesterday, was the second day and it was the day that a flying, tiny, insignificant piece of Bradford Pear flew into my eye. It is so small and insignificant that it has lodged itself somewhere on my eyelid and just lightly makes contact with my eyeball. This effect is one, not of pain, but of mild irritation. So, in effect, I have been mildly irritated since yesterday at about 3:00pm. I’ve tried flushing my eye with water, eyedrops, holding my eyelid away to make my eye water, and turning my eyelids inside out. I even tried sleeping it off, which just happens to be my solution for things that I cannot fix, and that didn’t work. It did give me a false hope this morning, though. For the first fifteen seconds of the day, my eye was okay. It is a really bizarre sensation, I have to say. It is like the nerves in my eye cannot handle sending a visual signal and a pain signal at the same time, so I get these alternating moments of vision without irritation and irritation without vision. Back and forth and back and forth. The strangest and possibly the worst part is that I feel that I am mere dust particles away from feeling totally normal. Normal for me, that is. Maybe if it bothers me too much, I’ll take the day off. And by take the day off, I mean go home and help Pancake Land work on a wholesale order. Right, well, I’m off to make that decision. July’s Dailies are up to date as of yesterday. More soon. ~SC


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