Another sleepless night.


August 15, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I fell asleep around 11:00pm last night and woke up around 12:30am when Pancake Land came in to put on her PJ’s. She had gone out to celebrate Yervan and Crazy B’s elopement and now she was home and getting ready to go to sleep. I however was now awake. I finally fell asleep again in the midst of whining dogs and snoring lady friends around 2:00am only to be awoken less than an hour later by the horrid stench of an evacuated dog bowel in the key of liquid. This time it was not Nami who dared disturb my slumber, but Stoobs. So, after cleaning up (with Pancake Land’s help, she’s so wonderful! Hmmmmm…) the semicircle of sprayed feces from the floor (thanks goodness for hardwood floors) I took Stoobs outside to allow her to release anything else, that might be waiting to strike in an hour or so, out of her and all she did was look at me like “I’m cool, now. I got it all out up there. Thanks, though.” So, I bring her back into the house and settle back into bed about 4:30am. I lay there thinking about stuff for a while and finally fall back asleep. Of course, by then, it is time for Nami to start sounding the “It is Time to Get Up!” alarm. I manage to ignore her until about 7:30am when the sound of someone walking around in our part of the house brings me out of the last blades of the grass of sleep and I am officially up. I go into the living room, nobody. I go back into my office and I see, sitting in the bathroom, in the dark, with the door open, Crazy B, as drunk as Cooter Brown. I ask her if she is okay and she informs me that she is fine and she is just going to up-chuck for a while. Fine by me. I get dressed and feed the dogs and make coffee and take the dogs to Lippincottonia for the day. I return home to a house filled with smells. You know when you walk into a bakery and the wonderful smells just envelope you and give you a big loving delicious hug, think the opposite of loving and delicious. The house smells of liquor, and vomit, and diarrhea. Mmm… there’s no place like home. The one comforting thing that was awaiting me upon my return home, other than the pot of coffee, was the sleeping Pancake Land. Like an angel. Hair wild and flowing, mouth agape as if singing hymns of Heavenly praise, sleep mask slightly askew, sprawled all over the bed as if in flight. She wakes just enough to give me a kiss and welcome me back and then promptly returns to dreamland. She is truly a sight for sore eyes. More soon. ~SC


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