Punch it in.


August 16, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Go on. Give me it pound.

Go on. Bump my fist. Give it a pound. You know you want to.

My desk is covered with junk. I am about $500 away from buying a round of shock collars for all of the dogs. The kind that will put them in a twenty minute vegetative state at the utterance of the slightest of sounds. The ones labeled for “stubborn dogs”. All I want is to go back to bed, but that is not going to happen. I’ve got stuff to do. I’m so sleepy. I know if I go back to bed, not only will I not go back to sleep, but I will probably end up waking Pancake Land up. That is one trouble I don’t care to have this morning. So, I will just put up a bunch of pictures instead of really saying anything.

Penguin in my pocket.

Penguin in my pocket.

Yesterday I was driving to Lippincottonia and I noticed something strange in the road ahead of me. It is not uncommon to see people on ATVs or riding lawnmowers just cruising down the street, but this was a little different. This was a woman driving her electric wheelchair down the street. When she turned off on a side street, she did not even signal. She did however shoot me a glare. Bitch. Maybe it was because I taking photographs of her.

Only in the south.

Only in the south.

There are quite a few people here in town who drive/ride their electric wheelchairs all over the place. Especially to Wal*Mart. There is one guy who wears a walker around his neck as he drives his electric wheelchair. According to my Sister, there is an old lady who holds a ghetto blaster in her lap as she drives hers. Maybe I will start photographing all of them. That’ll teach ’em not to use appropriate turning signals. I should make a citizen’s arrest. If I make an example out of one of them, the rest will fall in line. Yeah. More soon. ~SC


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