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August 5, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

So I am slowly getting my country legs again. I think the airplanes messes up my inner ear and mixes my cochlea and vestibule all up. I get very dizzy from time to time. I would go so far as to say it comes in spells. Anywho, I am home. And at work at 7:00am. As usual. I have eaten breakfast and added all of the acquired hotel coffee to my bucket-o-daily coffee. You see, I like coffee. I like to drink good coffee. But there is a difference between special coffee and daily coffee. Special coffee is like the pound I got at the Indie Emporium last year from the Topeca Coffee guys. I am still drinking it. The show was almost a year ago. I save it for special occasions. Daily coffee is usually a blend of the 14lbs of cheap French coffee Le Duke brought me from France and usually Eight O’Clock Coffee. Sometimes, and for some unknown reason, people give me the coffee from hotel rooms. Lots of it. So, I add that in as well. The French stuff takes care of everything flavor wise, so the more the merrier grounds wise. This trip, the hotel had a complimentary breakfast bar, which had coffee. So, the coffee that was put in the room by the house keeping staff went right into my suit case. I wasn’t greedy. I did not take coffee off the cart that was just asking to be pilfered in the hallway. Everyday, I would come back from the show and throw the two packs of regular into my bag. Sometimes, if we came back in the middle of the day I would throw them in the bag and then go out again, return later in the day and discover two more waiting for me. Well, anyway I added it in and now I am drinking it. So there. I have some and you don’t. Idioth. More soon. ~SC


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