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August 6, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Last night during Wipeout Wednesday, we had a pretty large thunderstorm move through the area, which eventually knocked the power out everywhere this side of the tracks. I know that it was only on the poor side of the tracks because we crossed to tracks on our way to pick up the dogs and the other side of the tracks had power. We went to get the dogs earlier than usual because of the lack of electricity that powers the entertainment. At some point while we were still at White Chocolate’s house and we still had electricity, a trailer for the new G.I. Joe came on the television which spark the memories of the Public Service Announcements that were on the old cartoons. A few years back someone changed the PSA’s and made them better, or at least nonsensical. Neither Pancake Land nor White Chocolate had seen any of them, so this morning I hunted down a collection on Youtube for them and anyone else who has not seen them. Stop all the downloading. Anyway, the power eventually came back on, just in time for me to go to bed, which was a blessing, let me tell you. The thought of sleeping in an upstairs room in an unairconditioned Victorian house with two large dogs who have spent the last week rolling in carrion and standing in the rain had not struck me as a good time. On a brighter note, I am proud to announce that with your continued support we reached the 3,000 view mark yesterday. It just blows my mind. That means, since March, on average, 22 people per day have looked at the website. That’s just amazing to me. I am moving on up in the world. Watch out Facebook, I am coming for you. Anywho, I should probably finish this cup of coffee and get to work. Thanks again for your continuing support. Body massage. ~SC

What you find when you Google Image search "3000 views".

What you find when you Google Image search "3000 views".


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