August 18, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I am very much filled with the irritated. I keep trying to get some sleep and dogs keep wanting to spray feces out of their butts. This morning the sound of my own tongue moving in my mouth could drive me to the point of letting my carotid artery unloose its contents upon the windows and the walls of Lippincottonia, but not before ever living thing was returned to its maker by the sharp edge of my blade. Not that most living things are worthy of my blade. I would make an exception this morning. One of these days my body is just going to sleep. I will eventually get so exhausted that I will go to sleep and I will not wake up until I am rested, regardless of alarm clocks or canine bowel movements. Enough of this negativityness. I need a little cheering up. Hedgehog attacku!

A baby African pygmy hedgehog.

A baby African pygmy hedgehog.

or howabouta Kitten attacku!

Kitten in a sweater.

Kitten in a sweater.

or howabouta tiny monkey hugging a stuffed duck attacku!

Tiny monkey hugging a stuffed duck.

Tiny monkey hugging a stuffed duck.

I feel much better. More soon. ~SC


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