Le Voleur de Sucrerie.


August 19, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Birthdays Amy the Amazing and Crackoline Clifton Monte Carlo! Everyone wish them Happy Birthdays. The only thing that saved yesterday from the flames of destruction was a 2 year old girl that me and Pancake Land saw at Der Staples and then again at Hurby Lurby. After fighting through the throngs of last minute school supply shoppers and discovering the ridiculous cost of a replacement power cord for P.L.’s lappy, we waited in line to check out. There were a couple of people in front of us and we stood there talking and observing the other people in line. The woman who was checking out had her three daughters, ages roughly 2, 4, and 6 years old, with her. We really noticed them when the youngest of the girls, having, in her opinion, been ignored by her family long enough, snuck around the corner from the checkout to where the impulse buys are located and began eating candy straight off the rack. Screw asking if I can have some candy. I want it and I am going to eat it. She was like a little pirate. Anyways, her mom finds her and surprisingly does not beat the Hell of her, which Pancake Land and I both agreed would have happened if we had done that. They return to the check out and lo and behold not a minute later she is back at the candy to try her hand at round two. This time I run interference with her by asking her what she is doing and which one she is potentially going to eat next. The regular M&M’s. This distraction buys her 4 year old sister enough time to find her and then proceed to body check her like she is a hockey player. Crying ensues. The rest of the checking out goes smoothly and they leave. We check out and head across the way to the Jesus-lovingist craft store if there ever was one. So we are strolling around the ribbon section and I have the revelation that the mom with 3 daughters are in the next aisle. We do not actively stalk them, but we kept a pretty close eye on them after that. The crowning moment was as we were getting ready to leave, we depart the clearance aisle and discover the unattended 2 year old trying desperately to rid herself of her diaper. We walk past and giggle, then look back and giggle, then walk further and look back and giggle, until finally, we are about to round a corner and we will lose sight of her when she loses the soggy diaper from her body and holds is proudly with one raised arm like Perseus holding the severed head of Medusa. Wow. That little girl made both of our days. We talked about it the whole way home. Our children will probably act like that. It is going to be awesome. More soon. ~SC


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