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August 8, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

WARNING! THIS POST IS NOT WORK SAFE OR CHILD SAFE. That is because it is about secret lady parts. Pancake Land asked me last night if I had seen the Wikipedia page for vagina. I told her that I had not and she informed me that it was pretty straight forward. She had first heard about the entry on Reddit or somewhere. So, I looked. Wow. Wasn’t ready for that. I was expecting a medical drawing or an artist’s rendering, but not a spread eagle extreme close-up photo. This got me thinking about what happens when you hunt for vagina elsewhere, you know, on the internet. For example if you type vagina into Google and then hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button it takes you to the aforementioned Wikipedia page. You get almost the same results if you search for it on Bing. Wolfram Alpha gave me the etymology and the definition and pronunciation of vagina. They refer to the vagina as moist, which makes me think of the first thing people say about cake. “Oh, it’s so moist.” Ask.com’s first result was the dictionary definition of vagina. Yahoo’s first result was pretty exciting: The Big Vagina. If you search Dogpile.com, their first result takes you straight to Adam & Eve. Some of those are scary. This is what you find when you Google image search vagina:

I don't have a response to this.

I don't have a response to this.

The internet is a silly place. Surprisingly, if you search for vagina at CNN.com it sends you here. That was weird. Fox News has an article about an old lady’s vag as their top story. At ABCnews the top story is a video piece with Juju Chang about out of shape vaginas. I could go on about vaginas, but I thought I should be fair to those of you who don’t dig on the vag, so here are the same results for penis. Google, Bing, Wolfram Alpha, Ask, Yahoo, Dogpile, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, and last, but not least this is what you get when you Google image search penis:

Wanna see my trophy room?

Wanna see my trophy room?

I have been laughing to myself this whole time as I type this post because everytime I want to add a link to a bit of text, I have to push the “insert” button. Something funny about pressing an “insert” button when talking about vaginas and penises. Ah, humor like this takes me back to junior high. Well, I think that is enough for today. More soon. ~SC


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