Thoughts and Observations- August 7, 2009.


August 7, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Birthday Nanny! Today is my grandmother’s birthday. So wish her a happy one. I do a lot of looking at stuff and thinking about stuff. Here are some of those things. Thought: A back hoe kinda looks like a scorpion. Observations: I saw an old lady in the Dallas airport sneaking marshmallows out of her purse and then she would put the whole marshmallow into her mouth to savor its fluffy sweetness. T: The flea infestation on Holliday Island is getting under control. My dizzy spells are starting to subside. O: I saw a little boy in the Dallas airport eating his own boogers. T: Better his than someone else’s. This heat is brutal, I can feel it sucking the energy right out of me. O: Dogs are weird creatures. They are so conflicted between instinct and instruction. T: I feel a little guilty for what my species did to wolves to make them house pets.

Humans are terrible bastards.

Humans are terrible bastards.

T: I can feel the seasons changing in the way things are changing in the lives of people around me. ZeeAytch (pronounced Z-H) and Cass of the Great White North are engaged. Irvan the Mantis and Crazy B are joining the military to put food in the babies’ mouths. Jackie the Mick got a ’65 Thunderbird and because of that Taco Planet has wheels again. O: I saw an old man in the Dallas airport eating his way around the outside of a sandwich. T: It looks like a ham and cheese that he made at home and snuck through security. T: I have to go to work. Thank Venus it’s Friday. More soon. ~SC


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