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August 29, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Birthday Dada Hokmayen. Happy Birthday to yoooooooooeeeeaaaaahhhhhuuu!

Happy Birthday Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaave. Happy Birthday to yoooooooooeeeeaaaaahhhhhuuu!

I just wanted to wish Dave a very Happy Birthday. You should wish him one as well. I heard from Taco Planet that he and Dave are trying to start a homo-erotically charged 80’s Electro-Pop band. The reason I say homo-erotically charged is because all 80’s Electro-Pop is filled with homo-eroticism. Especially when you add those two into the mix, er… as it were.

Today is Saturday and I am going to work. Pthptptptptpt. (sound of raspberry) I told Le Duke that I would come in and work today, but I told him I was going to take my sweet time coming in this morning. So I am. I just finished my coffee and, as a special treat for a handsome man, my donuts. And now I guess I should head that way. Hopefully I will get done in time to go to the river for some rest and relaxation, but we will have to see about that. Anyway, enough of this Chatty Cathy business. More soon. ~SC.


  1. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot jerk.

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