Sure As Kilimanjaro Rises Like Olympus Above the Serengeti.


August 28, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Well, I did not have time to post yesterday. And the complaints poured in. That did not upset me as much as not being able to wish Back Alley Trey a Happy Birthday. If you missed his birthday yesterday you should wish him one today, you jerks.

Happy Birthday B.A. Trey!

Happy Birthday B.A. Trey!

Anyways, I survived the first week of classes without too much brain damage. Overall, it won’t be too bad. Well, if you consider dragging yourself up a hillside of broken glass using only your face to propel you a good time, then it is not going to be too bad. I did not think that coming to work would ever be such a welcomed relief. Here, I know the score. I know what needs to be done and when and the chances of a pop quiz about the degrees of angles in molecules or the founding fathers of psychology is somewhere between a cowboy and Mother Teresa. Between Slim and nun. Ha ha ha ha. Oh, that one gets me every time.

So, I should probably get to work pretty soon, but before I go, I would like to point out the new layout of the post. Pancake Land and I were talking about my writing and she suggested that perhaps one gigantic paragraph might dissuade some people from reading the post because one giant paragraph is fairly intimidating and a bunch of smaller ones is not nearly as intimidating. I agree. Plus it makes the fact that have only written like eighteen sentences, most of which are fragments and run-ons, seem like so much more. We both win. You are not intimidated by my paragraphs and you think that I actually written something and get off my back about yesterday. Geez. More soon. ~SC


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