Damned Kids With Their Rock n Roll Music and Their LSD.


September 14, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Pancake Land was watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night and we both had the realization that we are old and out of touch with the younger generation. Back in my day, you just had to play music. Nowadays, you must have a schtick. “I sing whilst performing Cirque de Soliel type acrobatics.” or “I wear insane outfits and am rumored to be a hermaphrodite.” or “I used to be a heroin addict and say non sequitur things.”. Ridiculous.

I also made the observation that very few things are more depressing than a middle-aged punk band, i.e. Green Day. They were older than I was when I was an angsty teen. Now they are still older than me and have not learn to play anything except angst teen pop punk and have swelled and sagged with age. It’s like when Blatzy went to see the Violent Femmes a few years back. When I asked him “How was it?” he responded “They are old.”. Depressing.

Well, enough of that. Today is Monday. Which means it is time to drop Chemistry. Hopefully. I am awaiting an email from my instructor.

My cookbook/notebook is coming along nicely. I am still working on the logistics of sewing it, but other than that it just needs to be glued together.

Well, I hear Le Duke calling, so I had better get to it. More soon. ~SC


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