The Buns To Franks Dilemma.


September 13, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

First things first. I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Sweetbread. You should wish him one as well.

I have been jonesing for a hot dog and some chips for a few days now. So, the great hunt began.

It was bad enough when hot dogs manufacturers made packs of ten and bun makers gave us eight.

I recently discovered that Hebrew National only sells their franks in sevens. What the hell? Seven hot dogs? I am going to have to buy eight packs of franks and seven packs of buns to balance that out. I love hot dogs and all, but that is just crazy talk.

I opted for Nathan’s Famous All Beef Franks instead. They come in eights. Plus, I got the Whitewheat buns. They have 17% of your daily fiber intake per bun! To top it all off, I got myself some Munchos. Mmm…Munchos.

I don’t how my search for a decadent, disgusting, mechanically-separated-meat-food product and bag of greasy potato chips turned into this eat a fun Kosher meal like a nice-young-Jewish-boy event.

Speaking of being Jewish, which I am not, sometimes at the craft shows we do, I get mistaken for being a “nice young Jewish boy” by nice elderly Jewish women. It is probably because we make a few pieces of Judaica and I happen to be standing in the same booth as said menorahs and havdalah sets. Anyway, when I get found out for not being a Jew, even though I was not pretending to be Jewish, they give me this guilt trip about it. It is bad enough that I carry the burdens of Catholic guilt, but I don’t need the added weight of Jewish guilt for not being Jewish. Oy vey.

Yesterday I had made myself a nice list of things to do and then promptly did none of it. Except, of course, eat hot dogs, which actually did not make it on to the list. So, never mind about the hot dogs. Today I must work on the list.

Off to it then. More soon. ~SC


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