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October 31, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Halloween!

And a Happy 200th Post as well. That’s right this is number 200. It seems like only yesterday that I was still not on the internet. Man those were good times. Well, it’s too late now. Now you’re stuck with me. And me with you. Uh, oh…. song entered into head….can’t get it out.

Many years ago my brother, Prince Jazzbo, gave me a bumper sticker that read : Honk if you are Jesus. It was funnier before the influx of Latinos into the city. Now I would get honked at all the time.

For some reason, I feel a day of puns coming on. This should be fun. For me. And torturous for everyone else. Mwhhahahahaha….

In celebration of this 200th post and the fact that it happened on Halloween, I am going to Google image scary 200 and see what we get. That was lame. I’ll find an image, gimme a second.

Man. He's scary.

I think that is Vincent Price, but I am too afraid to be sure.

Hey, today is the end of the month, which means that there will be a Daily Photograph wrap up for October and a new gallery for November.

In honor of the 200th post, I want to announce the opening of the Rogue’s Gallery. This is sort of a fun thing where I would like all of the people that I mention in my posting to take a photograph of them self as their pseudonym. I.e. Pancake Land will take a photo of herself as her own imagining of what Pancake Land looks like. She will then send it to me and I will add her into the Rogue’s Gallery. This way, people who are readers of the site that wonder what the hell all of these weird people look like, will have a reference. The rules are that you must photograph yourself. I know very well that all of you out there on the Facebook can shoot a photo of yourself. We are working on the honor system here, so I will have to trust that you photographed yourself, but Jesus will know. He’s my neighbor. Jesus Alvarez. I hired him to watch you take photographs of yourself. He’s right outside your window right now. He watches you sleep, too. But, I don’t pay him to do that. He does it for free.

Well, get to work. More soon. ~SC


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