So Much Thyme, So Little To Do.


October 30, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

sandwich control

Behold! The Sandwich Control!

Check out what I got yesterday from Bobby Redmug. Pretty cool, huh? This is obviously the new logo for the future redone website. Whenever that happens.

Have you ever thought of how ironic it is that a restaurant called Popeye’s serves nothing with spinach in it. I think that is weird.

Well, once again we made it to Friday. This weekend I have a Psych paper to knock out and a brand new Prob/Stats assignment that I just received in my inbox. Hooray! A weekend of Minitab. Goodie.

Well, the good news is that Powerball starts tomorrow. And if I weren’t broke then I… probably wouldn’t buy one yet anyway. Not until the jackpot is like $48 million.

I finished writing my “essay” for the City Wire last night and I am waiting for one last round of proof readings before I submit it. Wish me luck.

After rereading today’s post, I have realized that it is short and all over the place. There are like five sentences not pertaining to each other. Oh, and my new logo. Don’t forget that. I am so out of it. This whole doing stuff everyday thing is ridiculously exhausting.

Well, speaking of doing stuff, I have got to go to work now. More soon. ~SC


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