Caution. Caution. The Q200 Will Defend Herself.


October 26, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

After spending the whole day being lazy and eating crap food, I feel kind of gross today. I kind of feel like if I were to make a poop right now it would float, not because of the high fiber content, but because fats and oils are not water soluble and are typically less dense than water. That’s right I would poo the gastrointestinal version of sticks of butter. I feel very greasy right now, even though I took a shower last night. I need some fresh fruits and vegetables, quick.

Well, I got most of my nutrition assignment done and I will finish it up tonight, so all I have left to do this weekend is my psychology paper. Then I can really get cracking on the Secret Doctor’s book. I have to have that finished by Christmas.

I need to make a book cradle. A book cradle is just that, a little V-shaped trough, think Baby Jesus in the manger minus Baby Jesus, for stabbing the signatures of books. After rereading that last sentence, I realize that I am speaking a foreign language to most of you. Suffice it to say that a book cradle will make my life infinitely easier when I make books. Oh, hell, look at this one. Currently, I have a book cradle that is made from black mat board, which does an okay job if you repair it after every use, which I can’t do when I am making 50+ books. Plus, I will need a new one when I start making my little blank notebooks. Remember those?

Well, today is the M day again. Dammit. Why do the weekends go so fast? Probably because I have not had a whole one in two weeks. Good answer. Well, off to work again. More soon. ~SC


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