Five Thousand Island Dressing.


October 25, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

One Drachma for each of you loyal readers.

One Drachma for each of you loyal readers.

That’s right, we hit the 5,000 views mark yesterday. Awesome. That averages out to like 23 people a day. I could probably get all of the numbers and plot it out and maybe make a little graph or something and you could hang it on your wall in your bedroom right next to your New Kids On the Block poster. Then you could stare at it and think to yourself “I was part of that.”. Or I could just talk about it in a sarcastic manner. Either way you win.

Yesterday was exhausting. I ended up working out at the park for like eleven hours. By the time I got home I was beat, and hungry, and really needed to pee. Luckily Pancake Land had made me fish and chips. So when I got home she fed me and sent me off to bed.

Today is a slow day. By choice. I am going to try not to leave the house. The only thing that I need to do today is work on homework. But, I don’t really have to do that. I need to, but I don’t have to. It is stuff that is due in a few weeks, but if I put it off it will stress me out when it is all due at the same time. My plan is work on it a little bit today and little bit each night until it’s due. Yeah, right.

So, my plan for the day will probably actually involve me playing Twilight Princess and eating a lot. That is the reality of my day. Doesn’t that sound better than working on homework? Yeah, I thought so.

Well, I am going to get to doing nothin’. More soon. Thanks again for loyal viewing. Keep up the good work. More soon. ~SC


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