No Goats, No Glory.


October 14, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

I just watched the trailer for The Men Who Stare at Goats and it looks freakin’ brilliant. If for no other reason than the line up. I stumbled upon it while I was digging through pages of Amazon searches looking for photography magazine subscriptions. Exciting, right?

Yes, this is what I do in the morning. I look for the best deals on subscriptions to B&W magazine or, if I’m lucky, PHOTO magazine. PHOTO is a photography magazine that I first got when I was in France. It is a French publication, so it is written in French, which I cannot read, so I actually just look at the pictures. Sometimes I can pick out words or phrases. There have been times when I am so captivated by a photographers images that I will slowly translate the article word by word. Usually that only lasts about three minutes before I Google search the person’s name and have Google translate the page for me. Innernet.

I actually discovered this morning that, via Amazon, you can get a subscription to PHOTO here in the states. I had no doubt that I could get a subscription, it is that I have had a heck of a time finding the magazine online. Go ahead, Google search “Photo Magazine” and see if you find it. I had to add the word “French” to the search words and then the translation sucked. C’est la vie.

Well, Le Duke is getting ready to go set up at War Eagle. I will be joining him Friday morning. This way I can attend my classes tomorrow. Whoo, yeah, going to classes! The good news is that in two days I will be in the land of foot long corn dogs. The bad news is that I have to miss Melly Mel’s Birthday Party this Saturday night. Lame.

So, the plan as of right now, is that there will be a post today, tomorrow, and Friday, no posts Saturday or Sunday, and posts resume on Monday. Daily Photographs will follow the same procedure. Speaking of photographs, I have added a few new ones to Page Four-2009. I took a couple yesterday on my walk to and from school. For those of you who have not noticed, probably most of you, I have added a new page devoted to Pancake Land and the way that she sleeps. Check it out.

All right, I have got to go play at being a grownup. More soon. ~SC


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