The Day That Mario Died.


October 15, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Word to your mother.

Word to your mother.

Last night La Duchess must have past out watching PBS because all I can hear is Sesame Street blaring in the other room. It will be a sad day when there is no more Sesame Street. That will be the day when my childhood finally dies. As it stands now, pieces of my childhood are dropping like flies. Either that or they being polished up and marketed to the new generations. There is a female Ninja Turtle. She has little shell boobies. Need I say more?

Being sleepy is stupid. Sleepy is the feeling that you have when you know you should still be in bed, but instead you got out of bed to go to work. It is that twinge you feel every time you yawn in the morning. That twinge is your Id calling your SuperEgo an idiot.

My three brains do battle a lot. Usually my Id is the one who goes out with a bang. He is the one that whispers in my ear at 6:02am “It will be okay, go ahead and hit the snooze button. We’ll only sleep for ten more minutes.” and then 45 minutes later I jolt up out of bed and have to rush to get my crap together in order to beat school traffic. When in reality, I would have probably felt better if I had stayed in bed until I woke up naturally. And when I say naturally, I do not mean waking up to the sound of a 100 pound whooping alarm clock either.

Id: Can I go back to bed now?

SuperEgo: No, we have to get ready to go to Probability and Statistics.

Id: Your mother has to get ready for Probability and Statistics.

SuperEgo: Take that back.

Id: If I take it back, can we go back to bed?

SuperEgo: Nope.

Id: Dammit.

Ego: Can’t we all just get along?

This is how it goes everyday. One day Ol’ Iddy is going to win. And on that day the post will read “Gone Back To Bed, Will Write Again Soon.”.

But until then, I have to ready for Prob and Stats. More soon. ~SC


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