No Head To Poke My Hole Through.


October 6, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

And I don't know where I'll die if I go to.

And I don't know where I'll die if I go to.

It is cold and rainy this morning. I definitely did not want to get out of bed.

But I did. And it is stupid.

I finished my food journal project, and the subsequent papers and reports that go along with it, last night. It was scary to learn about what you eat and the amounts of it that eat. I need to eat more fruits & veggies and less meat & discretionaries. I like that. Using a phrase like “consume at your discretion” to talk about things like chocolate gravy or deep fried Twinkies on a stick. My food pyramid was torn down and rebuilt as an obelisque in the shape of a stick of butter.

No word yet from White Chocolate on if the paper has arrived for the Secret Doctor’s Book. She’ll let me know when she knows, then I let you know when I know. Ya’ know?

My friend Ojeda the Curve (to be read “Ahead of the Curve”) sent me an email giving me the heads up on some of his new photographs and they are so wonderful that I could not help but to share them with you. I am particularly fond of “Organized Chaos” and “Rocking to Pat Benatar”.

Well, hell, it is already time for me to get ready for school. More soon. Maybe later today. ~SC


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