Oh, Padma, What Do You Know?


October 8, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

First off today, I would to wish my brother, Prince Jazzbo, a Happy 25th Birthday. Everybody should give him some birthday spankings if you see him today.

So, apparently, Padma Lakshmi, the infertile yet mysteriously pregnant host of Top Chef and ex-wife of Salman-freakin’-Rushdie, does not get along with the other judges and they don’t get along with her. I hear from my source (Pancake Land) that the other judges do not respect her because she is not a chef. Respect or not, I hate to say it, but Tom, Gale, Toby, none of you will ever look this good eating a cheeseburger:

Good Lord.

Good Lord.

On a slightly different note, I invented a new sandwich last night. I don’t have a name for it yet. Maybe you can help me think one up. The sandwich consists of a pork chop (de-boned and trimmed of its fat), fresh spinach, a sauce made of course brown mustard, real mayo, and horseradish, all served on a toasted whole-wheat English muffin. Super delicious.

As promised, I received a photo of Ollie Goodtime (YGB) from his loving father. One squishy baby coming up:

Ollie Goodtime (YGB).

Ollie Goodtime (YGB).

Well, I need to get some homework done this morning, I have an afternoon of secret book making to do today. More soon. ~SC


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