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October 4, 2009 by sandwichcontrol



So I would like to wish Happy Birthday to both Johnny Goodtime (YGB) and the Nick the Fireman (not a male stripper). You should wish them a Happy one, too.

Yesterday was the good mail day that I had been hoping for on Friday. I got my twine in for the Secret Doctor Book. Here is one of the “spools” of baker’s thread that I got to sew the books:

Red and white baker's thread.

Red and white baker's thread.

I also got a letter from my Grandparents which is always a pleasant surprise, and, the piece de resistance, from the Amazing Amy I received a Martha Stewart rocket paper punch! It is totally badass. Check it out:

Rocket Punch!

Rocket Punch!

You’re jealous, I can tell. It punches so smoothly, it is insane. It’s like butter. Unsalted, always.

Last night I went out to Old Town for Maddog’s retirement/Furious Jessy’s Birthday/Farmers J & N’s engagement party(ies). It was a good time. It was nice to see a bunch of familiar faces that I don’t see too much of anymore. Manny was there, and Back Alley Trey. Farmers J & N just got into town from the Alaskan frontier. They were doing International diplomacy stuff (i.e. they could see Russia).

Well, I need to go finish up the painting for Rosco the Furious Mick and maybe make a little poop. More soon. ~SC


  1. Andrea says:

    You need to add a Happy Birth-day to Goodtime Jr. aka Oliver, born today (I suck and lack the specific details, but I’m sure they are forthcoming)

  2. Dave says:

    I must have just missed you.

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