Decisions, decisions.


November 20, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

Sorry about being late this morning. Le Duke needed my help loading the kiln first thing this morning, so I bumped everything else back by about an hour. I am finally getting some coffee into system and can think again.

So, I am torn. I have to decide whether or not to take classes I want to take or classes I need to take. I want to take painting and bookmaking, but since I am a Biology major, I need to be taking classes on my degree plan. You know, classes that end with -ology. I think I am going to have to sacrifice fun art classes for fun science classes. Bye bye painting, hello Microbiology.

Sometimes you have to suck it up and get your degree. Working toward my degree is not going to hinder my doing art or learning new crafts. I will be able to blow off my class work by learning new crafts. That’s how I got into bookmaking in the first place. But the dilemma now is to find classes that are still open and in the time frame that I can work with. Ugh.

So, yesterday’s job shadowing went well I think. Prop Ninja seemed to enjoy herself and I managed not to freak her out too badly.

Well, it’s that Friday day again which means lunch with Word To Me. Yes, tacos! Oh, wait, I mean, nothin’. I’m not gonna eat tacos today. Pfft. Tacos are for losers. I wouldn’t eat tacos today because I am not supposed to eat tacos for the rest of the month. Whatever made you think I was going to eat tacos? You’re so silly.

I guess I should get to work. Happy Friday. More soon. ~SC


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