I'm Totally Amazed.


November 9, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

The number of views so far this month is just blowing my mind. In the first eight days of November more people viewed my website than in all of March or April and we are quickly approaching May. That is just mind boggling. Thank you for boggling my mind. Keep the boggle coming.

So, I am relatively caught up. I think. It could be because I have trimmed the fat off of everything that I’ve got going on and now I am only cooking lean meat. That didn’t work out so well.

Okay, let’s try that again. I think I am caught up on everything. I have cut everything that I am working on down to the bare minimum requirements for not failing, with a little wiggle room to make emergency adjustments, and I am maintaining that line. The only thing looming is this freakin’ wholesale order. It was due last week, but the rest of the supplies haven’t made it in, yet. So, we are twiddling our thumbs waiting on them. We probably should be getting ahead so that all we have to do is finish those last few pieces, but between Pancake Land’s novel writing and other orders and my Secret Doctor’s Book and schoolwork, getting us to be ambitious is like pulling teeth. Plus, there are all of these tacos downstairs that need to be eaten. It is important to get your priorities straight.

Well, it is Monday and I have to run over to my Editor’s before I go to work, so I’m outta here. Be sure, if you have not already, to check out the new photographs in the Rogue’s Gallery and the Sleeping Pancake Land and as always the November Daily Photographs. Have a wonderful day. More soon. ~SC


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