Let me get this straight, I can go work on the garage, but I can’t leave the continent of Africa. Correct.


September 26, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Today is a day filled with indecision. It’s cold, no it’s hot. It’s raining, no it’s not. I’m sleepy, no I’m awake. My head hurts, well, my head still hurts. I guess my attempt to trick my head into not hurting failed miserably.

Pancake Land’s got the crazy eyes this morning. So, anytime I ask her a question I get responses like:

“Don’t use my webphone.” or

“Not until Jesus fucks a rock.” or

“I’ll have some corn.”

We actually had a “conversation” this morning that went as follows:

SC: “Babe, I’ve got to get up.”

PL: “No! Stay and snuggle with me.”

SC: “Babe, I’ve been snuggling with you for three hours. I’ve got to go feed the cats and drink some coffee.”

PL: “And then what?”

SC: “Probably write my article and work on the garage.”

PL: “Oh, okay. Well, you can do that. Just don’t leave the continent of Africa. Unless you are going to Egypt.”

SC: “Egypt is on the continent of Africa.”

PL: “Well, yeah.

SC: “Oh. Hi.”

PL: “You could go to Ghana too if you wanted.”

SC: “Ghana is also on the continent of Africa.”

PL: “(sighs from exhaustion) I know. (pause) I LOVE YOOOOOOOOU!”

SC: “I love you, too Babe.”

PL: “Now go away. Jesus and the Rock are so tiny they’re going throw a party in my vag. It is like a mountain range to them.”

This is the world I live in. There is not enough coffee in the world that could prepare me for that conversation first thing in the morning. That said, I need more coffee. More soon. ~SC


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