Probably The Oldest Second Edition Ever.


May 26, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Thursday to all. Why am I so cheerful today? Because the forecast is predicting a high today of 21°C (70°F) and a very low chance of rain. I almost feel like I should wear long pants today. But, seeing as how I am going to be in the ridiculously hot upstairs in the new house laying bamboo, I think I’ll keep my short pants on for now.

Yesterday was kind of a bust. K forgot to let me know that the moving of the press was postponed due to weather concerns. So, we sat on campus for a while twiddling our thumbs. Then I called her, found out the gig was moved to an unknown date, and we went to try and get Operation B a job working in the University’s custodial pool. Oh, and I picked up my Physics book. On one hand, the fact that my professor refuses to be coerced by the publisher into updating the textbook just because a new edition comes out, is awesome. On the other hand, it is ridiculous for me to have to pay almost $200 for a used textbook. Especially when it is over ten years old and the spine of the book is literally taped onto the covers. My first instinct was to build a new case for it. I am a huge nerd. Granted, I did pick out the most busted up copy they had only because it was the one with the most writing and highlighting in it. Still, huge nerd.

Speaking of being a huge nerd, I can’t really talk about what I spent the majority of my day doing. Let’s just say I’m a trend setter. I also made a bunch more leaf soap dishes and got the bisque kiln filled and drying. Today we run the bisque cycle and tomorrow we run a glaze firing.

Speaking of running, it is time for me to run to work. But first, I need to doodoo. More soon. ~SC


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