The My Little Pony Of Storms.


May 25, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

I am tired this morning. Why? Oh, because we we were supposed to have the Samuel L. Jackson of storms last night and it kept getting pushed back. First it was supposed to hit us at 6pm. Then it got moved to 8 or 9pm. Then 10:15-10:30pm. At 11pm, I gave up and went to bed. I figured I had a much better chance of surviving if my body was totally relaxed. I vaguely remember Pancake Land coming in at some point to tell me that the sirens were going off, but since I never got out of bed, it must not have been urgent. And the sun is up this morning and the world is just where I left it. I guess Samuel L. Jackson turned into My Little Pony at some point. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I just wish that I had gone to bed earlier rather than having stayed up to watch the fear mongering. I guess I’d better check in with Andi the Numbers to see if everything is good in her next of the woods. (insert sound of typing here) All is well with her crew.

Nonsequitur. I saw this and thought it was incredibly well done. You’ll never guess what it is actually about.

Um, yeah. Today we are helping K move her Vandercook from Underground Ink back to Ars Brevis. It is going to be awesome. Especially with all of that new mud that we have to work with. Luckily for me, Pancake Land took the day off, so I can use the truck rather than triking in the rain. As of right now though, it is sunny and warm. Anytime now the darkness will come and shower us again.

Well, I’ve got to go poop before trying to lug around a 544kg (1200lb.) machine. More soon ~SC


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