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October 22, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

As predicted, yesterday was a very busy and productive day. I got some forms made. I got some of my old torn up paintings delivered to the dumpster. I recycled the clay. Overall, not very exciting. Then I came home and changed clothes and awaited D-Man’s arrival. We had to go get fitted for tuxedos.

I had expected the tuxedo fitting to be like any of the hundreds of fittings that I have seen in movies over the years. But no. It literally took ten minutes for the both of us. It actually took more time to get a ridiculous amount of our personal information than it did to measure us for our tuxes. It was most certainly not Joe Versus the Volcano.

Then I came home again, ate a little bit, watched some ST:TNG, paid my bills, and waited for my guests to arrive. For it was BOY’S NIGHT. Remember Boy’s Night? Here, this should refresh your brain a little:

So, the first thing we had to do was recreate this photo of course:

Boys Night 2011.

We had originally planned to watch Road House with the Kevin Smith/Scott Mosier commentary track turned on, but alas that dvd is in the other wallet that is with Pancake Land at her mother’s house. So, we just laughed at each other instead. At some point it was decided that the face scans needed a Boy’s Night makeover, so…

Boys Night Dave.


Boys Night Zaxxon.


Boys Night Sandwich Control.

Yeah. It was good times. My sides hurt this morning from all of the laughing. We were like a bunch of teenage girls last night. Once we got the giggles it would not stop. If we stopped for a second to catch our breath, the fact that we weren’t laughing would make somebody laugh and then it would start all over again.

We hadn’t had a Boy’s Night in a long time and it was much needed by all of us. Friendship!

But that was last night and this is this morning. Now it is back to business. Teacher Sis will be arriving shortly, or rather tall-ly, to pick me up and we will begin our serious shopping trip. We both realized that we have never really had an agenda before going shopping before. We normally go for the love of the hunt. The hunt for good shit on clearance. This could be very dangerous. I actually have a sort of loose itinerary for us. That’s how serious this is.

Did I mention that I somehow have three dozen eggs in my fridge right now? I will definitely need to bake cookies soon. Anyway. I’m off to poop before T.S. shows up. More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    How gay. But mostly totally adorable.

  2. Duchess says:

    You guys Surely are better looking now than then.

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