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February 29, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was a weird day. It started out with a bit of trimming at the studio. Then it was off to the letterpress shop to show some newbies around, cut some paper, and wrap bricks in book cloth for use as weights for drying things under pressure. Then it was back to the studio for more form making.

At some point during the day I received a peculiar email. A guy in Pittsburgh emailed me to tell me that he and some of his friends, I assume, found my site and totally dig it. They wanted to know more about me. Does this smell like a trap to anyone else? So, I asked them what they wanted to know. It turns out that they are photography students in Pittsburgh and wanted to know about me as an “artist” and about what I do and about the site. Cool. So, after a bit of research to verify that this was not a robot pretending to be a human in order to steal my identity, I responded about my many jobs. I did ask them about how they found me. A little while later I got a response with more questions.

It turns out that they found me while Google searching for images of Munchos. How random is that? It all checked out, so I spent a good part of the remainder of the day and evening emailing with this person/people.

It is kind of validating to have total stranger email me and say that they dig something that I’ve spent the better part of 3 years doing. Not that I don’t appreciate all of my friends reading and commenting and telling me how awesome I am. But, it’s nice to know that other people think it as well. Look Ma, I can make friends on the innernet all by myself. Who needs Facebook, really?

In other weird news, I came home to find that someone puked in my office. I’m guessing it was Kingston, because moments after I found the puke I found Eazy nearly choked to death. Apparently he had totally destroyed one of the kitten cubes, wrapped part of it around his neck, panicked, and got the thing wedged under a chair. So, there he was, lying on the floor with part of a busted pop-up kitten cube wrapped around his neck. The idea that perhaps he puked in my office, and then feeling guilty for it, tried to strangle himself with the cube did pop into my head. You should have seen the hustle he made for the litter box after I freed him. His little boobies were just aswingin’. After emptying his bladder, he proceeded to head butt me for about an hour. Thanks for saving me, Dad.

I also got some good news from Star Noble, the other letterpress assistant. I hired her to redesign my business card, the one for this here website, and she finished the changes and ordered the plate for it. Soon I’ll be able to print my cards anytime I want to from home. Wanna sneak peek? Okay:

No wait… that means that my phone number will be readily available for strangers who don’t like my website. If you really want to see it, email me and I’ll send you the image.

Today is a crazy day. Again. I’ve got studio stuff this morning. Then I have a meeting this afternoon concerning secret new job stuff. Then tutoring after that. Then article stuff this evening. Who needs a chili cheese burrito? Me.

Have a stellar day. More soon. ~SC


  1. OH NO EAZY! Also, if you are eating more chili cheese burritos, I’m even more relieved that I have the day off then I already was.

  2. Dave says:

    You could have at least photographed your dumbass cat in the strangle hold. That would have been mildly entertaining. Also dont drop your guard for a second with these Pittsburgh characters. Let ’em in and the next thing you know you’re being terminated in your own home!

  3. Word to Me says:

    Ma thinks you do need Facebook. Bahahahahahahahaha!

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