Let’s Try Doing Some Real Science.


February 28, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

That’s pretty much what my food microbiology professor told us last night in class. We’re stopping lectures for a while and are shifting our attention to coming up with questions relating to the food industry, coming up experiments to find answers to those questions, and then running those experiments. It is both awesome and nerve-racking. So far, it just means that we’re diluting a lot of solution with roughly 10^8 cfu/mL of E. coli in it. (That means for every milliliter of liquid there is roughly 1,000,000,000 bacteria present.) Sometimes we put it on meat. Sometimes we put it on the counter top. Never in our mouths. Good times.

It’s funny how often I find myself working on the computer these days and all of the sudden I get side tracked looking up pretty obscure stuff about microbes. Like just now.

Yesterday, was a little crazy. It felt like I never found my groove. Every time I would start working on something, I’d get stopped by the phone ringing or the like. And then all of a sudden it was time for class.

Today is more of the same craziness. I’ve got studio stuff this morning. Then letterpress stuff right after that. Then more studio stuff. Tonight the Royal family returns, so I’ve got to pick them up at the airport.

I don’t have any notes prepared for making this post which is both strange and upsetting. Now I’m just sort meandering through my own thoughts trying to find something interesting to talk about and coming up short. Always make notes, kids.

Well, I guess I’m going to go make some turtles. More soon. ~SC


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