I’m Still Here.


December 27, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

I’m right where you left me.

Sometimes, Kingston loses me. As in, walks out of the room where I am and forgets that he left me in said room. For instance, he was lying on the back of my chair a few minutes ago. Then he hopped down and went to eat or something. I have no idea what he went to do because I stayed here in the office. A minute, maybe two minutes later, he freaks out because he doesn’t know where I am. Let the pitiful meowing commence. Resigned to my fate, I yell out so that he can find his way back to the one room of eight that I am in. There is always this sigh of relief when he comes running into the room. But I always feel like he is trying guilt me for making him worry. Like a mother who passive aggressively guilts her child for her being overprotective. There’s a reason that Eazy is my favorite. It is because he does somersaults.

Eazy 3.


I’m running late this morning. I had no intention of talking about my pets, but now it looks like that is what is happening. So, we’re gonna go with it.

If you haven’t noticed, it is balls cold outside. In a half-assed attempt to be a good parent, I got the dogs some extra bedding for their houses. I figured, if I am going to make them stay outside all day, I should make their houses a little more comfy. So, I picked up some more of the cedar shavings that I always use. They seemed to have liked them in the past and it makes them smell nice. Win win, right? No. Once I got the bedding put into the houses, they just stood outside their houses shivering and staring between the warm and comfortable inside of the dog house and me. These are the same dogs that will stand in the pouring down rain whining about being wet. Hopefully they’ll figure it out today.

It did not dawn on me until now, but yesterday was sort of pet maintenance day. In addition to dealing with the dog houses, I also cleaned the fish tank. Sort of. I vacuumed the schmutz out of the bottom of the tank. This angered the plecostomus. Well, it isn’t like he is the jolliest fish to be around anyways, but he was in a particularly foul mood last night. I had to eventually remove him from the tank because he kept attacking the vacuum.

And Mortimer Ichabod is still an asshole. Granted he has started limiting his squawking to times when: the radio is on, I’m running water, the sun is out, or I’m trying to sleep.

Enough about my pets. I must away. Busy day today. I’ve got a bank run for Jesus this morning. Then a much needed trip to see Steph the Sage. Possibly archery. And then Elephant Mark’s going away party tonight. We’ll see if I can squeeze an episode of Bones in. Have a wonderful Thursday. More soon. ~SC


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