The Post-Grismas State Of The Island Post.


December 26, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

This was the weirdest one yet. Possibly.

Somehow, this morning, I find myself searching for Buffy the Vampire Slayer related posters. Possibly to hang in my office. I’m not really sure where that came from.

Okay, so this is the post where I talked about how Grismas this year treated me. The post in which I talk about the gifts I’ve received thus far. The post in which we hit the high notes and make notes of things to work on for next year.

So, let us begin by saying that this year was probably the weirdest one in memory. For starters, it didn’t feel like Grismas. And then scheduling issues with Teacher Sis made it feel further less Grismasy. The main thing that made it weird, though, was the gifts. Weird stuff this year. Not all, but some of it. The haul, thus far, included (in no particular order): a healthy stack of Blu-rays (complete sets of Harry Potter, Dark Knight, and Lord of the Rings), 2 food/science books, a bookmaking book, an ostrich egg (empty), an apron that reads “I poop a lot.”, a new messenger bag, assorted candies and cookies, pork chops and hocks, a Batman cup, a cap gun and caps, various funny money, and 2 gift cards for my favorite junk food. It has been weird. And there are still gifts trickling in. It can only get weirder, given who I’m expecting gifts from. Anyways, peep the haul so far:

The Haul

So, yeah.

Now, onto what we’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t work. I’d say having a relatively direct, without spoiling the surprise, hand in picking out your presnents is incredibly effective. At least it is effective if you want to receive gifts that you actually want for Grismas. It is incredibly useful if, say, you have a wish list of stuff that you will never buy for yourself, but really want. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally dig getting surprise gifts. All my gifts this year rock. I’m just saying that if you really really want a certain thing for Grismas, sometimes you just have to get the ball rolling for other people. Or start a conspiracy with various family members and friends. The League of Shadows for gift giving, or something like that.

What doesn’t work is letting your estranged relatives give you gifts solely of their own volition. Without any guidance, on your part, whatsoever. You’ll wind up with a little plastic angel that clips onto your car’s sun visor. A little plastic angel with the words “Don’t text and drive.” inscribed into it. Luckily, I dodged that bullet. And it hit Word to Me.

After the Grismas festivities had ended yesterday, I locked myself in the office with the Dark Knight trilogy and a bowl of Stove Top stuffing. And the snow came. And it was good. But the headaches came somewhere toward the end of The Dark Knight and I had to stop staring at a screen. So, I did laundry. I like having clean socks. Today, we finish the trilogy and eat Frito chili pies.

I hope you all got lots of presnents. Good and bad. Enjoy this snow day. More soon. ~SC


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