Who Brought The Orc Warlord’s Sword To The Formal In The Wyrmhole?


December 31, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

That’s the new hit single by Ivo Shandor’s Mushroom Forest.

You’ll never guess what I did yesterday. How did you know we played Pathfinder? Did I mention it in yesterday’s post? Dammit.

Oh, and I’d like to say thanks to Patty, La Duchess, Teacher Sis, and Geoffrey for actually taking the time to thank Furious Jessy. The rest of you are dicks.

Well, today is it. The end of twenty twelve. One last game of the new year. Of course we’re playing roleplaying games tonight. How else would you want to spend the new year’s holiday? I’m hopefully going to ring in the new year using Larry Jenkins’s elemental fist against the side of some bad guy alien’s lumpy head. Ringing his bell, if you will.

Wait. What’s that sound? It sounds like a small jet engine taking off right behind me.

Oh, that? That’s just the sound of progress.

Last night, Taco Planet and Jackie the Mick started setting up the server. Dave and Little Miss Cotton had vivid dreams that made them recover lost memories. I picked up the pizzas.

Today, I get to hang out with Teacher Sis.


(half whispered) Yes!

Then, this evening, the nerds gather for campaigning. Just know, I’m the richest monk in the world.

Okay, I’ma go get ready to put this year out to pasture Sandwich Control-style. Have a wonderful and safe celebration this evening. More soon (next year). ~SC


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