She Looks Like One of Those Rap Guy’s Girlfriends.


May 31, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

Like, totally.

Happy Caturday.


I’d like to start out today’s post by wishing very Happy Birthdays to Deinonychus and Fish Belly. Be sure to wish them one as well.

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday. Go on. Guess. That’s right. I got these:


After a peek at a few of the cards, I know for certain, that you are not prepared. Especially the 90s ones. Just, wow. These combined with the 3rd expansion for Crabs Adjust Humidity, and there isn’t much room left in my Bigger, Blacker Box.

Speaking of the 90s, did you know that Alicia Silverstone wrote a parenting book? Yeah, this happened:

silverstone28f-2-webShe looks exactly the same as she did inĀ Batman and Robin.


Today is a day of adventure. Teacher Sis, the Ninja, and I are going on a quest. A quest for Batman only knows what.

Tonight, Pathfinder resumes. Hopefully.

I need to go shower before we can get this party started. Have an awesome weekend.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC



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