“Did You Just Shush My Wife?”


October 12, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

“Dude, I’ve gotta weird baby situation going on right now.”

Those were just a couple of the gems I collected straight from the mouth of Janie J. yesterday. A coulpe more of my favorites were:

(When referring to the clown randomly feather dusting people.)”Bonkers, you’re gonna need to fuck off.”


(When referring to a kid with Art Garfunkel hair.) “It’s hard to pull off a nose ring when your braces are rubberbanded.”

Despite not selling much at the craft show, it was totally worth it just to watch her interact with the public. Brilliant.

I did sell one poster. And a sticker. And a button set. And I traded a poster for a bitchin’ new tie-dyed shirt. That trade led to a possible consignment gig at a new Hippie shop in Van Buren. I also did a bit of networking with various people who have done letterpress printing over the years and I might have a line on some metal and wood type. I’ll investigate that later today.

I also ran in to Jitterbug who was there to watch her son play violin. And that bumping into one another led to a possible connection for the lighting I need for my photo studio. I’ll also be investigating that later today.

And in a few hours I’ll have my very own letterpress. A real one. Not a shitty hobby one. A grown-up sized one. I am currently waiting on the call from Johnny at Shooting Star to say he’s finished breakfast and is ready to bring me my baby. And my furniture. And my quoins.

I also forgot to point you guys at the new album of photos from the last derby games. Click here to check ’em out.

Oh, and the Rev. Dark Wombat sent me this:

You and me both, kid.

Okay, I’m off to wait by the phone.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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