An Unexpected Crossover.


October 11, 2014 by sandwichcontrol

But, then again, there’s aliens in both universes.

Good morning friends.

It is early for me to be up on a Saturday. But today I had no choice.

This morning from 8-10am is the roller derby pancake breakfast. It costs 5 bucks for all-you-can-eat pancakes. So, come eat pancakes. Duh.

After that, Janie J. and I will peddling our wares at Movie Lounge from 10-6ish. It was supposed to be outside, but since it is raining I assume we’ll be inside the building. That’s what I was told anyway. It shouldn’t be hard to find. There’ll be signs and people. Follow them.

On to more important matters. Did you see Arrow this week? Whoa. Brutal, right? That was to be expected though. What I wasn’t expecting was Rila Fukushima. Don’t act like you don’t know who that is. You saw The Wolverine? Remember his “bodyguard” Yukio? Then, you know who Rila Fukushima is.

Anyway, she just showed up as dude’s wife in Hong Kong in Arrow. And then I realized that that funny feeling inside of me was a Marvel/DC crossover happening. She played Yukio in a Marvel movie and now she is going to be playing Katana, not that we know that yet, in a DC television series. Once I realized that there was aliens in both universes, I was okay with this.

Take me to your reader.

Take me to your reader.

Yesterday was a day that the forecast said rain and it rained. A lot. And with lower pressure comes lower temperature ala Gay-Lussac’s Law. So I decided to wear pants. My favorite pair of Dickies, to be exact. I haven’t worn them since the last time it was cold (last winter). What I failed to remember was that I have done a small amount (read as “a lot”) of exercise since then. I remembered this as the waist band of my favorite pants stopped snugly around my thighs. After a bit of contorting, I finally got them up around my waist where there was no way in Hell they were going to fasten. 9 months ago I had skinny legs and no ass. Now there is a considerable amount of mass filling what was once empty space.


So, it looks like I’ve got some pants shopping to do very soon. Teacher Sis suggested something called “jeggings”. I’m thinking a kilt is in order.

The sad part of this whole story isn’t that my favorite pants no longer fit. It is the fact that as I realized that I’ve grown bigger, faster, stronger, and more efficient, I also realized that the super tight white jeans that I bought to be Freddie Mercury for Halloween will no longer fit me. That was the sad part.

Okay, I’ve got to go eat pancakes.

See you in a bit.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Chuy says:

    You should be “Macho Man” Randy Savage instead of Freddie Mercury.

    Snap into a Slim Jim!

  2. Dark Wombat says:

    Overheard at DC years ago…

    “We made a new character. A female Japanese assassin named Katana!”
    “That is so awesome!”

    Overheard in Japan…
    “We made a new character. She’s an American housewife named Spoon!”
    “That is so awesome!”

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