The Greatest Nation of All.


November 26, 2014 by sandwichcontrol


Who’s in charge of that?

Carlos Benavides. That’s who.

I went, with Teacher Sis and Bubba Fett (of Hill Giant fame), to seeĀ Big Hero 6 last night. It was so good. It is too bad that everybody except us left the theater before the end of the credits. There was an awesome Easter egg. And I’d also like to give a mental high five, or fist bump, to Disney/Pixar for not showing us the whole movie in the trailers. They, in fact, showed very little of the overall story arc. Good on ya’.

fist bump

In other exciting movie news, there are two new trailers out that made a little bit of my pee come out. First off, the new Jurassic Park trailer was released early:

Yeah. Racing raptors on a motorcycle. Bitchin’.

Secondly, Huge Jackedman is playing Blackbeard in the Peter Pan biopicĀ Pan:

Rooney Mara + Me = All the babies.

I wouldn’t dismiss her sister for eating Pringles in bed, either.


Today is a day of baking for tomorrow. Think of today as the pre-game warm up for tomorrow.

But first, I really need a shower.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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