Powers of Induction.


March 25, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Deduction? Reduction? Aw, who cares?

Yesterday boiled down to a blur of action culminating with a frozen, microwavable pizza for dinner.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a good day.

I started the day with completing the last of my list for work. Granted, I still have to check on animals occasionally, but that’s easy. Nothing left to do, but work in my studio and paint for the remainder of the week.

From there, I went to meet up with K over at Underground Ink. We talked shop and I returned the wood type I had borrowed. Then, she gave me a bag of goodies for cat-sitting for her. Behold the treasures:


Yes, those beautiful ornaments came from Virgin Wood Type, the people who’d get all of my money if I won the lottery (the small one).

Then, K and I went to lunch. Tacos. I had the birria. So fucking good.

After goat tacos. I headed to my studio to print for a bit. I knocked out the new poster and totally forgot to get a photo of it. I’ll get one today.

Then, I headed over to the Forge to paint. I got a little done and then it was time for me run a small workout.

And poof! It was already 7:30pm, I was starving, and it was about to start raining. I was so hungry that I couldn’t make decisions. I just wanted to throw a temper tantrum and fling my hands down to punctuate everything I said.

So, I went to Walmart. If anyone had spoken to me, I would have slapped them in the mouth. I grabbed a frozen pizza and got the fuck out of there.

The end.

Today is all painting. All day. If you need me, you can find me at the Forge.

Tomorrow is a normal Thorsday. Except I’ll be printing all day.

After that, no clue what this week holds in store for me.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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