The Things the Weatherman Doesn’t Know.


March 26, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

Could fill a book.

Yesterday was another day of doing loads of things.

I painted a big chunk of the Forge. And started the organizing of said gym.

I bought a chocolate cake from the J-Bird. She asked what I wanted written on it. I told her “Write something mean. Or like dick. Or balls.” This is what I got:

Dick n Balls


Thanks for that.

I also received a case of candy cigarettes. Out of the blue. Seriously. I was standing at my sink eating lunch. Glanced outside to see UPS truck and dude walking to the house with an Amazon package. I quickly came to the conclusion that I ordered nothing and this must be a mistake.


It had my name on it.

Opened it. Case of the candy cigarettes I’ve been hunting for for a few weeks now. No clue who sent them.

But I suspect I have a clue…

Last evening, I went over to Clip Kid and Sica’s for a plotting session. Mostly we just ate cake and drank coffee and pretended to be adults. Doing adult things. Like eating cake while drinking coffee in the evening.

And then the sky broke open and the rains (and hail) fell out of it. I cranked the A/C down so as to make it really cold and slept like a bag of rocks. Not to be confused with a sack of rocks ala “Lodi Dodi”.

Today is Thorsday. I’m about to make the bank run for Jesus. Then, it’s back to the Forge for more painting/organizing.

Rumor has it that Don Chulius gets into town today…

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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