To Heck With the Wresperus.


March 13, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

I’m only in it for the taco burgers.

We’re under a flood advisory until 11am. I’ll meet you at the Sizzler.

Yesterday got me delirious. And this morning isn’t any better.

Also, typing is hard. I’ve already had to make six, make that seven, corrections. And I’m only four lines into the post. Great.

Let’s see, what all did I do yesterday?

I started the day with a Leg Day workout. I chased that with a lugging boxes of groceries in and out of the bed of my truck. After that, I ate breakfast. Then, I headed to the studio to finish the poster for J-Bird. It turned out pretty good.

Final Run

I also proofed the cuts and ornament I got in the mail over the last few weeks.


That middle one is giving me trouble. I’ll sort it out in the end, though.

After printing, it was time for work. Which got cancelled at the last minute. So, I washed my hair in the sink.

Then, I headed back to the Forge to run the evening workout. After class, I headed back to Holliday Island, switched out the gear in my backpack, and headed over to take some derby photos. Once I wrapped that up, it was bedtime. Not because it was so late, but because I was exhausted. My legs were dead. Oh, you forgot about it being Leg Day? Don’t worry. I didn’t.

I was quickly reminded of that this morning when I tried to get out of bed. It was like having two full length, wooden, peg legs. I wonder why? Oh, that’s right. Because it was nice out yesterday morning, we decided to do a bonus round/finisher of sprints in honor of Leg Day.

So dumb.

I’m still tired from yesterday. And I did the junk yard workout this morning. I’m really hoping to fall asleep on the massage table later today.

Needless to say, I’m taking it easy today. I’ve an appointment with Steph the Sage and nothing before or after that until this evening. Sica and I are working on our joint craft venture plans.

If I stay awake that long. I do love a rainy day.

Oh, and Dave gets in tonight. He’ll be traveling today, so send him some good driving doogies.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Dave says:

    YOUR DOOGIES ARE WEAK AND INEFFECTUAL LIKE DOOGIES OF GOLDFISH ON CARPET!!! Also I thought at first you guys were on a food warning until 11. Makes me glad I missed the boat.

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